CHAPTER 19- Generator Room Compliance

Factories use power generators to provide back up for electricity supply. Most developing countries have unreliable and inadequate supply of power. Therefore, factories have no choice but to install generators to keep the plant running. A generator is an important utility for a factory.

Generators can be a source of fire hazard if not maintained properly. Generator operators are also exposed to some health hazards. Necessary steps must be taken to reduce these hazards. Generator room should not be neglected and care should be taken to keep it safe and tidy. The code of conduct requires factories to take measures to prevent and minimize hazards from generator operation.

How to implement the code of conduct

The following measures should be taken to comply with the code of conduct.

  • The law in many countries requires noise control chambers for the generator. Even if the law in your country does not require it, it is a good practice to have the generator housed in a noise-proof chamber.
  • There should be a maintenance/service log for generators. Only qualified and licensed personnel should be allowed to operate/maintain/repair generators.
  • Unauthorized persons should not have access to the generator room.
  • Personnel in the generator room should be provided with ear plugs to prevent injury from high noise.
  • Ensure good housekeeping in the generator room to keep it clean, tidy and free of oil spills.
  • Motor should be free of dust, dirt, oil and grease accumulations/deposits.
  • Electrical wiring in the generator area should be properly insulated and secured.
  • There should be a tray to collect dripping oil and the same should e emptied/ cleared promptly.
  • Air emissions from the generator should meet local regulations. Copies of inspection reports by local authorities should be in the file.
  • The generator room should have “No Smoking” sign posted in the workers’ language as well as in English.
  • There should be adequate number of fire extinguishers depending on the size of the room.
  • Do not store any unnecessary things including broken parts in the generator room.
  • There should be a well-stocked first aid box close to the generator room.
  • The diesel store room should be at a safe distance from the generator room.
  • The diesel room should have suitable fire extinguishers including one for flammable materials.



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