Preah Vihear Temple Issue

Since July 15, 2008, the confrontation between Cambodian-Thai armed force at Preah Vihear has been 14 days and the patience of Cambodia has been practiced during the diplomatic negotiation, which is looking forward for all Cambodian after national election will be finished for the fourth mandate, will be conducted.

However, according to the conversational phone call from Preah Vihear was reported that according to place among Thai armed forces, who was suffering from Malaria, diarrhea and bad smell from inside substance and also realized that the trend of Thai side will not be won on Cambodia, was withdrawn from battle field surrounding Keo SekhaKirisvara Pagoda although the official report has not been confirmed yet during Cambodian armed force has been more being strengthened.

Preah Vihear is a special case if it is not special, Siam (Thailand) will not have tried to invade Cambodia again and again. So we will not allow Siam to invade our territory according to its wish! And Cambodian armed forces will be strengthened more and more through continuous support and encouragement by Cambodian people because Cambodia is our Khmer golden territory.

Preah Vihear has made all Khmer classes, who were not discriminated political trend, united together solidly from everywhere, helped Khmer, loved Khmer and Khmer nation and territory to destroy Thai enemy who has intended to invaded Cambodian territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Preah Vihear has made all Cambodian around the world donated with solidarity for our Cambodian nation such as a broken dike which was destroyed by water.

Preah Vihear, which is a priceless and great treasure and also reminds all Khmer around the world to struggle in a solid way according to the law, was built by Khmer dynasty constructed Angkor Wat temple patriotically and dared to sacrifice flesh and blood to protect Cambodian territorial integrity. And it will also finish completely a long time-invaded ambition of Thailand. Thailand‘s shameless invasion will be withdrawn with embarrassment because of Preah Vihear temple and Thailand also will face the embarrassment with Asian countries and the world.

Cambodia, which has shown the international countries to be seen as a poor country for once but it has a great civilization without copying from neighboring countries, has a great ability in building Angkor Wat temple and hundreds of temples throughout the country but some of temples was invaded by neighboring country to belong itself shamelessly already. And also Preah Vihear issue is not any political reason of any political party which was lost or won the national election but it is Cambodian territorial integrity and sovereignty we all have to protect!

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