Bon Pchum Ben Day

Pchum Ben Day is considered a major holiday in Cambodia. Markets have big sales from the first day of Bon Kan Ben (There are 14 days for Bon Kan Ben and the 15th day is a very important day, we called Bon Pchum Ben). Everybody gets happier and every Buddhist temples are visited by Buddhists from the first day of Bon Kan Ben to bring food, rice, drink (soft drink), and fruit for the monk in order to dedicate to their ancestors who were died.
From the first day of Bon Kan Ben, somebody gets up in the earlier morning at 3:00 am and goes to Buddhist temple (some Buddhist temples are celebrated the Bos Bay Ben Events “throwing rice”) to celebrate the Bos Bay Ben events and most of them who attend the Bos Bay Ben Events, are adult. In Cambodia, most of Cambodian who are Buddhist believe that when their ancestors, parents, or relatives who were died, maybe their ancestors’ spirit would stay in the hell because they are not sure that when their ancestors had lived, how much sin were committed by those.
In the morning (around 6:30 am), people (mostly older) brings food, rice, (sometimes porridge) for the monk as their breakfast to the different Pagodas according to the location of their residential area. And after that around 9:30 am, people starts bringing food, rice, drink and fruit for the monk again for lunch but the monk does not have lunch immediately, they have to make a sermon for dedication to the person who was died. After sermon, monks can have lunch but not later 12:00.

Markets aim at this “shopping season” for large sales as everyone is purchasing food, cake, drink, and fruit for their parents and relatives.

Pchum Ben Day spirit permeates throughout the country. Starting three or four days before Pchum Ben Day, workers and employees go home on their vacation. And students begin their break. All major transportation systems like Taxis, buses, and motorbikes are all full of people returning to their families. After two or three days, people return to work, feeling refreshed to go about their regular activities.

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One Response to Bon Pchum Ben Day

  1. 😦 I’ so jealous with monks. THey have a lot of food to eat:(


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