Being Attractive around women

What does it take to be the alpha male that you have been dreaming of? It is not easy to please a woman and in order to achieve the desired attention from females; it would definitely take quite a huge amount of effort. How to be attractive around women exactly? Some men are just plain lucky to have the charms, the looks, money (opps!) and sometimes the X factor to seduce throngs of girls. If you are one of those unlucky males, then fret not. Time to get out of that dateless routine and learn how to increase your appeal factor and score big time with the ladies. So what exactly does ladies see in men? How do women differentiate between jerks and alpha males? If you are one of those males who can seduce girls with a snap of a finger, a woman can so feel it when you approach her. No magical spells are needed. It all lies within you. Yes YOU. Women in nature love guys who are smart. Ok, this does not mean that you are a loser if you are not a Degree holder and what not. Being street smart counts too. So amaze her with all those things that she might know about and she will definitely be impressed with you. Be the Brainer at times and remember to give her some room to be intellectually smart too. This puts both of you on the same pedestal. She might think that both of you clique just fine. You must have heard about one of the rules of seducing a lady is to be cocky and funny at the same time. I admit it that this is definitely not an easy task, as the amount of cockiness matters a lot. How cocky must you be in order to win her? That is definitely as unanswerable question, but you can try to limit your cockiness such that it does not sound too arrogant or too lame for her. Some women find guys’ act of cockiness quite attractive, so if you do it well, then it is guaranteed that you will definitely get a smile from her. Just a point of note: Do not do this excessively. It will make you look like a cocky clown! Are you still working on techniques on how to grab her attention? Then make her smile! Women love to laugh so make use of this and throw jokes at her. She will definitely enjoy your company. This is the dangerous part though as some guys just screwed up big time when they hurled dirty jokes instead. This of course depends on the lady. Some girls might not like it. So try to prevent yourself from looking like a big pervert and stop yourself from saying dirty jokes. Your confidence matters, a lot. Confident guys usually get loads more of attention. Trust me, being confident really pays off. Do not slouch when you are talking to her and answer her confidently. It tells a lot when you keep on stammering and tripping over your words all the time. Most working women are pretty confident about themselves and you definitely have to put up to their standards of confidence and let her notice that you are oozing out with confidence. Women in general can be pretty easy to please. Once you have the right kind of technique, there is no way you need to worry further about what to do next. Just go with the flow buddy, and soon you will be the Ladies’ Man.

អត្ថបទនេះត្រូវបាន​ផ្សាយក្នុង ចំណេះដឹងទូទៅ។ ប៊ុកម៉ាក តំណភ្ជាប់​អចិន្ត្រៃ​យ៍​

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