Will The Third World War Be Happened?

I wish it could not be happened. but i cannot still keep thinking about it while many medias reporting about between middle east war especially Syrian Civil War, which has been from the uprising to remove Bashar Al Assad from the power since 2011, is getting worse and worse from day to day. i am afraid of the situation which will be developed day by day because of the intervention between democratic and communist bloc through ideology of those.

Many weapons have been bought from Communist bloc and much communication & technical equipment has been provided to Syrian rebel, which was accused as terrorist group by Al Assad regime, by western country. The number of died people increasing day by day while the battle of controlling the capital cities, Damascus and Aleppo is being conducted.

Meanwhile Iran is most worried country for the world because of its controversy nuclear program which has been said by Iran that it is used for the peaceful purpose only but while IAEA wants to conduct the inspection, it was rejected by Iran. If it’s still rejected for inspection from IAEA, it will be as allegation from the West that the nuclear program will be used for military purpose for sure. As I used to read an article from media which it was wrote that Iran will destroy Israel from the world map. So it is clear that if Iran won’t allow the inspection from IAEA, the military nuclear program might be true as the allegation from the west. So why does Iran want to do that? It might be because Israel is its long time enemy. Israel also threatens that they will fight if Iran won’t stop its nuclear program. Why does Israel dare to fight with Iran? It’s easy because the United States is Israel’s ally  and I believe that if Israel & the united states cooperate to fight Iran, Iran is a piece of cake for them. But Iran also has its own allies such Russia, China, Syria….then imagine what will happen if those join fighting with Iran?

Apart from Middle East, it is about the dispute over the islands between China with some members of Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Philippines,….etc. and China with Taiwan, China with Japan. What I am worried the most is all the dispute sides with China are allies to the United States. And another dispute between Russia with Japan is the most worried  also.

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